About Us

Make mushroom business easier & happier

Make mushroom business easier & Happier

Fungichain Co.,Ltd. is a leading supply chain company in mushroom industry, solely focuses on the global mushroom business. 

Founded in 2010, with the mission of “Make mushroom business easier & Happier”. Currently, Fungichain already have 7 own mushroom plants and establish close relationship with more than 42 excellent mushroom plants and 17 mushroom bases in China.

Main business/products include;

1. Supply high-quality mushroom to worldwide.

Products: Fresh mushroom, Dried Mushroom, and some vegetable.

2. Make Mushroom produce easier.

Products: Shiitake, Oyster, Eryngii, Button mushroom spawn

3. Rise up quality, control cost for related mushroom plants.

Products: Cottonseed hulls, Corncob, Sawdust, Ricebran, Beetpulp etc..

For mushroom business, fungichain is your best choice.