When it comes to looking for some yummy and healthy snack to satiate light hunger pangs, corn always pops up in mind. Who doesn’t love corn, either as sweet corn, popcorn, boiled corn, or roasted corn cob? There are many ways to consume it, and it has many benefits for health as well.

In the post, I will share two best recipes of corn cob, the best summer meal you’ll undoubtedly love, and will also highlight some essential health advantages of eating corn if you make it a daily part of your diet. So, spare your minute, and keep on scrolling to read the entire post.

After reading this post, you’ll indeed embrace this nutritious snack in your daily life.

Best Corn Cob Recipes

When it comes to the best taste of summer, then nothing can beat fresh sweet corn on the cob. You’ll learn some simple ways to dull up your corn on the cob to make it more delicious. If you’re going to host a BBQ, pool party, or dinner with friends, these unique recipes will be the best.

Let’s start with garlic and herb corn. Here, china corn cob will suit you best; they’re more giant and very juicy.

Garlic & Herb Corn

Melt half cup butter, add some fresh herbs, add fresh basil, some chives, and a garlic flavor pinch. You can add grated garlic clove into your butter mixture.

Once you get done with mixing all herbs, then stir it thoroughly. Use a pastry brush to get all of this over corn. If you’ve used salted butter, then OK. But if you’ve used unsalted butter, then also sprinkle a few salts on your corn cob.

Your cob with this recipe will be a complete game-changer

Traditional Mexican Street Corn

This recipe starts with a little mayonnaise; if you don’t like so replace it with melted butter. Add some chili powder, zest, and juice of a lime to get a little smoky flavor, and add a pinch of tang (preferably orange)

Brush this mixture over corn cob. You can get more creative by sprinkling over some cojita cheese and freshly chopped cilantro.

This Mexican street style is impressive, and you won’t have tried so delicious corn cob before!

Now let’s jump to the primary health advantages of eating corn.

Basic Health Advantages of Eating Corn

Energy Enhancer

Corn is rich in complex carbohydrates, which take a slower pace to digest; this, in turn, provides high energy for a longer time. One cup of corn is enough to get 29 grams of carbs. Best to gain physical strength, and also boost the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Miracle for Underweight people

Corn is much better than junk food for underweight people. Corn not only provides healthy calories but also contains plenty of good quality fiber and vitamins.

Preserve Healthy Skin

Corn contains Vitamin C and lycopene (cell reinforcements) that expand the creation of collagen and forestall UV produced free revolutionaries from harming the skin.

Other than being eaten, its items like corn oil and corn starch can be straightforwardly applied on the skin and regularly utilized to fix numerous vital things.

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