Best Guide To Grow Oyester Mushrooms At Home

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Hey Guys! Here I’ve brought an amazing guide to growing oyster mushroom spawn at home. You’ll certainly find it very convenient, and effective.

Things Required For Growing Oyster Mushrooms

You’ll need;

  • Straw – wheat straw is best
  • Medium or large size plastic bags
  • Oyster mushroom spawn – you can easily get online, or check oyster mushroom price at a local supplier’s outlet
  • Spray bottle & water

How to grow Oyester Mushroom:

Start with washing your hands, and clean all your surfaces well, because it’s just to stay hygiene while cultivating mushrooms. You definitely won’t like to grow the wrong type of fungi.

Collect all materials, then pasteurize the straw. This essentially means heating straw in the water at 70-75 degrees Celsius, and holding it at that temperature for around 45 – 60 minutes. Pasteurization kills bacteria. Alright, before you put a straw in the pot, cut it up into small pieces around 1 to 3 inches in length

Whenever you’ve purified the straw, take it out from the warming pot utilizing utensils and let it sit in a clean tub while it cools down. Don’t forget, never put the mushroom spawn into the straw until the straw is at room temperature, otherwise, you will kill the spawn

Once the straw gets cooled down, pack your robust plastic bags with straw quite tightly, and then distribute some of the mushroom spawn throughout the straw

Next, put about three or four pieces of spawn-covered dowel in each bag. The straw shouldn’t be dripping wet, but it should still be damp from the pasteurization. At this stage, sterilize a skewer or a nail by adding boiling water to it

Jab holes in the bags every three inches or so, this will allow some air to get in, but not too much. The mouth of the bag should be closed with a thread or rubber band. Now, you have to find a home for your mushrooms – a place you want to grow mushrooms. Keep them out of direct sunlight, rather than provide indirect sunlight, as it helps mushroom grow best at around 15 – 20 degrees Celsius

Now, wait while the mushroom spawn develops into mycelium, and begins taking over the entire bag. Mycelium looks a bit like white furry cobwebs, and you should start seeing it developing in the first couple of weeks

Your straw bags must stay moist, but not dripping wet. Spray some water if required. Then after four weeks, you will see mycelium would have spread across the entire bag of straw and your mushrooms should start forming

Cut some marginally bigger openings taken care of if vital.It depends on mushrooms whether they grow out of one or more of the holes which we created in the previous step. However, the mushrooms usually grow within one or two clusters

Now comes the fun part! The mushrooms essentially get double in size every day. In this way, inside a week or something like that, you ought to have great estimated shellfish mushrooms.Fog them with water a few times each day.Over this period again., not too much that they start dripping, rather just make them moist.

The mushrooms ought to be gathered while their edges are as yet twisted over a little and pointing downwards. If their edges appear to rotate toward the sky it’s likely an ideal opportunity to collect. For harvesting mushrooms, twist them at the base, this ensures that you leave the very bottom of mushrooms while they’re still in the bag

Give up that part as it is required for the ensuing flushes of mushrooms. If you keep mushrooms moist and in suitable conditions, you should get 3 or 4 flushes of mushrooms.

When your bag stop producing, then use straw as mulch for the garden. Alternatively, you can distribute some of your straw into new bags of fresh straw, straw and the growing process begins again.

For better results, you can also take the advice of any mushroom expert.


What is an Oyster Mushroom Spawn?

The Oyster mushrooms are widely grown from threadlike filaments also known as mycelium, which become entwined, and circled on a base of steam-cleaned cereal grain regularly rye or millet. This oat grain/mycelium mix is called produce and is used to seed mushroom substrate. Most generate is made with mycelium from a put-away culture, instead of mycelium whose parent was a spore. This is because spores are probably going to yield another strain and execution would be capricious

How to find the Oyster Mushroom Price?

The Oyster mushroom is generally a type of exotic mushroom – one of the easiest interesting mushrooms to grow within six weeks about. Currently, the cost of Oyster mushroom is around $6 a pound wholesale, the retail price is $12 depending on various markets in regions.

To get oyster mushroom at wholesale price, you can approach online trading platforms / B2B platforms that have the best stock from leading manufacturers, they sell at wholesale prices.


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