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Fungichain could supply variety of fresh mushroom (Fresh Shiitake, Flower Shiitake, Smooth Cap Shiitake, White Enoki, Yellow Enoki, White Shimeji, Brown Shimeji, Eryngii, Cordyceps sinensis, Morel, White Maitake, Grey Maitake, White Button, Portabella, Qiugai Gu, Monkey Head, Tiger Matsutake, Truffle, Long-foot Mushroom, White Fungi, Black Fungi, Baby Oyster, Golden Oyster) for your. U could establish cooperation with more type customers. Enjoy one-stop mushroom spawn shopping from Fungichain.

Quality Is Priority

We believe in long term relations with our customers. Whether you are a whole seller or a retailer, the price has a significant margin of profit. Low cost and high quality, this is what we are famous for. Fresh mushrooms price is impressive. Our high-standard QC team makes it possible for us to provide such a great variety of products without compromising freshness and quality standards.

Our products are preservatives free. Every process is organic, whether it be the cultivation or storage. It encourages buyers to opt for china fresh mushrooms. The world is now aware of the pros and cons and demands the best in every perspective. Significantly, health is a concern. Therefore, we guarantee freshness without using any chemicals. It’s possible because of the storage techniques we use.

China’s Best Fresh Mushrooms

We have multiple export quality products and are highly profitable for the whole sellers and retailers, but the most satisfied customers we have are fresh mushroom wholesalers. The reason is quite simple. The quality is up to the mark, and the prices are amazingly low, providing high rates of profits.

Providing hygienic, healthy, and reliable food products is our aim, and the motivation behind is customer satisfaction and long term relationships. We want our customers to make profits and grow with us. The more you will develop, the better we will be known. The primary advertisement we invest in is quality.