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Fungichain have been producing & exporting mushroom spawn, Phase 3 mushroom substrate more than 10 years, with 6 plants/bases located in Shandong, Jiangsu(2), Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. Fungichain could supply variety of mushroom spawn for your farm. U could establish cooperation with more type customers. Enjoy one-stop mushroom spawn shopping from Fungichain.


What is China Mushroom Spawn?

The China mushroom Spawn belongs to a category of living fungal culture and is often known as mycelium, which is grown on a substrate. This can be said the major asset to any mushroom growing operation. Consider it what might be compared to seeds for a mushroom ranch. Most produce is made with mycelium from a put-away culture, instead of mycelium whose parent was a spore.


A Noteworthy and Reliable Company for Getting China Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom spawn is a substance that inoculates with mycelium. The spawn is responsible for transferring mycelium into any material from which mushrooms will grow. It's ideal for inoculating a certain amount of spawn with the substrate, resulting in more mushrooms.

Fungichain, founded in 2020, is a growing name that as a reliable china mushroom spawn manufacturer. The primary aim of our brand is to maintain the standards of quality. We always ensure implementing a multilevel quality checking procedure to ensure that only top-quality mushrooms reach the clients. We have a highly-experienced team of quality checkers who work rigorously from production to final shipment.

Packaging and Distribution:

We lay particular emphasis on packaging food-grade materials. Alongside this, we label them cautiously for easy identification of products. Our company has its distribution fleet that keeps the products safe and in good condition. We have a strong network of distributors nationally and internationally. With their support and cooperation, we can satisfy the uncountable demands of consumers seamlessly.

What are the types of mushroom spawns?

Any material used for propagating the mushroom is known as spawn. However, China mushroom spawn comes in various forms, including:

Sawdust: It's made up of hardwood with mediocre-sized pieces (neither too small nor too large). This spawn inoculates outdoor mushroom beds, Pasteurized straw, and multiple other substrates. They are used for inoculating wooden dowels for creating plug spawn.

Grain: It's a sterilized grain inoculating with spores of mycelium. People use it commonly with milled and rye. However, other choices include corn, wheat, and other cereal grains. In comparison to sawdust, this grain is nutritious. It's ideal for creating more spawn and inoculating indoor substrates.

Plug/dowel: It's a collection of small wooden dowels that inoculate with mycelium. It is done with sawdust spawn and stems of live mushrooms. It's immensely influential for insulating substrates made from wood or fibers. It colonizes cardboard, stumps, and logs.

Other types of mushroom spawn:

You might see china mushroom spawns in various types.

Woodchip Spawn: Its manufacture includes woodchips of several hardwoods.

Straw Spawn: It's a result of Inoculating with mycelium.

Sawdust Spawn Plugs: It has the shape of a plug with Styrofoam on end.

Liquid Spawn: Here, the mycelia slurry enriches the water.

What makes us superior over other china mushroom spawn providers?

– We carry strategic research on the collection, utilization, conversation, and production of China mushroom spawn.

– We coordinate, validate, and evaluate the technological equipment for enhancing the productivity of mushrooms.

– By following the hierarchical levels, our step-by-step production process is carried out effectively.