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How to find the best Corn Cob exporter?

No need to look for corn cob exporters anywhere when Love Fungi is already at your service to facilitate you with the best products and services we can provide. Yes, established in 2010, with the basic objective to make a mushroom business a prolific, and best one; we own around seven mushroom plants.

Moreover, we’ve successfully built strong, and long-lasting relationships with exporters, and suppliers around the world who’ve 42 excellent mushroom plants. Besides, we have around 17 mushroom bases in China.

What is China Corn Cob?

The corn cob is the cob of corn, it’s the central core of the corn ear, or we can say a part of the ear on which the kernels grow. The ear is additionally viewed as a “cob” or “post” yet it isn’t completely a “shaft” until the ear is shucked, or eliminated from the plant material around the ear

Corn cobs are results from the development of a corn. Corn cob represents about 20%-30% of the corn. The cobs are differently utilized in the metal purifying industry, feed industry, creature bedding, compound industry, etc.

How to find Corn cob price?

The price of corn cob perhaps depends on how much corn is found in each cob, since this agricultural product is something that is used for versatile use. From salads to cooked vegetables, and making other useful stuff. Let’s suppose one normal size ear of corn yields around 3/4 of a cup of corn overall, yet the response to how much corn on a cob can go from 1/2 cup to 1 full cup of corn.

However, the general price of corn cob from leading online suppliers these days is 24000 kg for minimum order.


Fungichain serve for Asia Mushroom producers by our own mushroom material supply-chain. We can supply cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, Sawdust, Corncob, Ricebran, Beet pulp Pallet, Soybean Hulls. Our customers include: +300 Chinese Mushroom plants, +100 China Mushroom base, and +10 countries around the world. We are mainly sourcing from Africa, India, Pask. and South America.

Product Information:

 Size:8mm, 10mm, 12mm

 Packing:
Normal Pack: 25kg, 50kg, 500kgs
Pressed Pack: 25kg, 35kg.

 Loading:   40GP: 20-21 mt by normal pack, 23-24 mt by pressed pack

 Produce and ship ability:  200-300 mt per week.

 Sepcification: Moisture < 12%, Impurities < 1.2%,

 Brand: Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M

 Min. Order:  More than 5 GP per shipment.

 Payment termes: 35% T/T upon sign contract, balance within 7 days upon doc. Copy.

 Shipping date: Within 14 days upon received deposit by contract.

 Fungichain Advantage:

+12Y Professional, +80000 Mt per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive
Fungichain could supply a basket mushroom materials, include Cottonseed Hulls, Cottonseed Meal, Sawdust, Corncob, Ricebran, Beet pulp Pallet, Soybean Hulls

China Corn Cob – A Source of Dietary Fiber

Corncob particles are exceedingly absorptive. That characteristic with the combination of all-natural, inert, and free-flowing attributes make corncob particles ideally suitable for active ingredients of pesticides and fertilizers.

By using our proprietary, we provide win-win solutions that are unaffected by chemical exposure. It has an unlimited shelf life, chemical resistance, UV resistance, weather ability, the capability to be heat sealed, and dynamic temperature resistance. Counted among one of the illustrious corn cob exporters, we provide premium quality corncobs at cost-effective corn cob price.

Uses of Corn Cob:

Make corn stock:

Toss the corn cobs in a stockpot with few spices, cover it with water, and boil until and unless the liquid reaches the golden color. Remove the cobs and the spices, then use the resulting corn in any recipe called vegetable broth. You can freeze the broth and stocks in any container so that it becomes easy to grab the right amount for any recipe.

Make china corn cob jelly: Capture the flavor of sweet corn in a jelly. Just boil it, add sugar, and pectin and you’ll end up getting a yellow jelly that tastes exactly like honey.

Smoke Meat:

If you want to give meat a sweet and smoky flavor, throw dried corn cobs on the fire. The same trick also works well on a campfire.

Use them for fire starters: Let your corn cobs dry in the sun. Then use them for fire starters.

Use them as pot scrubbers: Replace the pot scrubbers with dried corn cobs. Just grab it whenever you want the pot that needs extra attention. It doesn’t damage the pot, and when done, you can throw it away.

Make animal bedding:

The china corn cob is sold as animal bedding because it’s exceedingly absorbent. Make your bedding by running cobs through a shedder. It’s a great bedding material for chickens. It also works in place for the sawdust used in our compost toilet.

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