Cottonseed Hulls

Fit for Oyster, Chaxin, Whitefungi, Shimeji, Maitake, Enoki Production.

Original:China, India, Benin, Tanzania

Normal Pack: 25kg, 50kg, 500kgs

Pressed Pack: 25kg, 35kg.


40GP: 20-21 mt by normal pack

40GP: 23-24 mt by pressed pack


Fungichain serve for Asia Mushroom producers by our own mushroom material supply-chain. We can supply cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, Sawdust, Corncob, Ricebran, Beet pulp Pallet, Soybean Hulls. Our customers include: +300 Chinese Mushroom plants, +100 China Mushroom base, and +10 countries around the world. We are mainly sourcing from Africa, India, Pask. and South America.

Product Information:

  • Packing:

Normal Pack: 25kg, 50kg, 500kgs

Pressed Pack: 25kg, 35kg.

  • Loading:  40GP: 20-21 mt by normal pack, 23-24 mt by pressed pack
  • Produce and ship ability:  200-300 mt per week.
  • Sepcification:  Moisture < 12%, Impurities < 1.2%,
  • Brand:  Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M
  • Order:  More than 5 GP per shipment.
  • FOB offer: USD 125-200/MT
  • Payment termes:  35% T/T upon sign contract, balance within 7 days upon doc. Copy.
  • Shipping date: Within 14 days upon received deposit by contract.
  • Fungichain Advantage: +12Y Professional, +80000 Mt per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive

Fungichain could supply a basket mushroom materials, include Cottonseed Hulls, Cottonseed Meal, Sawdust, Corncob, Ricebran, Beet pulp Pallet, Soybean

Cottonseed Hulls | An Optimum and Safe Ingredient for Livestock Consumption

Proper management and feeding of dairy calves ensure that they are large enough to breed at an age that allows them to enter the milking string when needed. The key ingredient used for feeding them is the cottonseed hull. These are the outer coverings of cotton seeds formulated by the cottonseed oil mill of cotton seeds. These hulls are a fibrous product, primarily used for feeding ruminants. They are either fed as a bulk feed or pelleted. Cottonseed hulls are often available at the mill, producing oil and cottonseed meal. The primary ingredient used for calves and heifers includes cottonseed hulls that are exceedingly high in fiber and low in energy.

Get Premium Quality Hulls at Cottonseed Hulls Price

Fungichain is a dynamic company that operates as an exporter and manufacturer of cottonseed oil mills. Our unmatched quality of offerings includes meal and hulls to make a highly nutritional feed for poultry and cattle. They are free from Gossypol that’s hazardous to the livestock. We ensure to supply cottonseed hulls with utmost care to provide high dietary value in the food. We use products made from premium quality procured from reliable resources and undergo rigorous quality tests before getting used in production processes. Our quality inspectors test the cottonseed oil mill and cottonseed hulls to make sure they stand at par with every quality parameter.

Our company has a well-established infrastructural facility that supports the manufacturing processes required to make products stand out. Our warehouses and factories, installed with advanced machines and equipment with an efficient production process. We supply cottonseed hulls designed with cutting-edge technology that enables bulk production of cotton seeds at an efficient cottonseeds hull price.

Advantages of cottonseed hulls

There are various observed advantages of using cottonseed hulls, including:

Consistent nutrition: Formulate for the right nutrient balance that is always available to the heifers.

Minimized competition between heifers: Since the cottonseed hull is always available, the problem with heifers minimizes, and every heifer can consume what it needs

Uniform heifer growth: Nutrient intake is persistent. Feeding helps reduce the growth slump that usually occurs when people place heifers in a group feeding situation followed by weaning.

Average body weight gains: They usually gain around 2 pounds every day. Adjustment is necessary for the level of cottonseed hulls for maintaining the desired rate of growth.

Labour-saving: This way eliminates the mixture of elements, and feed gets delivered to heifers every day, which saves a large amount of labour savings.
Striking attributes of our business unit:

– We offer the entire product range at budget-friendly cottonseed hulls price.
– Our company values time, and hence we ensure the timely delivery of products.
– We accept different modes of payment for smooth and seamless business transactions