Fresh White Enoki Mushroom

  • Cap Size:85% < 0.8 cm
  • Length: 12-14cm
  • Packing:

Inner: 100g, 150g, 200g, 400g

Outer: By carton, or foam box. 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, 20kg/pck

  • Loading: 6000 kgs/20RF, 14000kgs/40RF
  • Storage: +1°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H, 20-40 days shelf-life
  • Prepare Days: 7-10 days before loading date

Fungichain has been exporting fresh Enoki mushroom more than 10 years, have strong relationship with China Enoki Mushroom Plants.

Our vendor partners include: Xuerong, Finc, Hualv, Wanchen, Zhongmao, Yuanzishan, Qihe, Minshen, Jiuhe, Rongfeng, Xiangru, LightFood, Jiatian and so on.

We can arrange air-shipment, sea-shipment and railway shipment for customers.

Currently, Fungichain mushroom already sells to more than 46 countries.

Mission: Take value to customers

Target: Make mushroom business happier.


  • + 35 excellent Enoki mushroom plants
  • Export port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou
  • Year-around supply ability, large scale make price competitive
  • Professional sales teams, QC teams, Logistics teams, order easy

Target Customers: Mushroom Importer/wholesaler, Supermarket, Food Process Plant, Large Restaurant.

Currently our main markets: South-China, East-China, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, and Europe (UK, Germany, Belgium, Spanish, France).

One-stop shopping for fresh mushroom from Fungichain.

  • Cap Size:85% < 0.8 cm
  • Length : 12-14cm
  • Packing:

Inner: 100g, 150g, 200g, 400g

Outer: By carton, or foam box. 5kg, 7kg, 10kg, 20kg/pck

  • Loading: 6000 kgs/20RF, 14000kgs/40RF
  • Storage: +1°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H, 20-40 days shelf-life
  • Prepare Days: 7-10 days before loading date
  • Documents: Invoice, Packing list, C/O, Phy, Insurance Policy, BL.
  • Brand: Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M
  • Order: 1000 kgs for air-shipment, 20RF for sea-shipment.
  • Payment termes: 40% T/T deposit, balance within 3 days upon doc. Copy.
  • Shipping date: Within 15 days upon received deposit by contract.
  • Fungichain Advantage:

+12Y Professional, +420 GP per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive

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Enoki Mushroom Plant is an old type of mushroom specially used in Asian cuisines, with great health benefits and a unique taste. Today it’s a product with a high-profit margin. It’s one of the popular ingredients, especially for sushi rolls. It’s a hot selling product because customers love to eat it raw in salads and cooked in multiple cuisines.

It’s one of the healthiest vegetables on the market with great taste. The world is opting for healthy options as awareness is increasing. Therefore, the profits in this item are rising too. It’s a great source of multiple nutritional elements like dietary fiber, Vitamin B, and antioxidants. Such products are great for the people who have a hectic life; it helps enhance brain health, and the memory-related benefits are also on top of the list.

We grow Enoki mushroom in a completely organic environment, without

damaging the natural benefits of the vegetable. The process of cultivation is also natural we use no preservatives in the storing process. We keep it fresh by providing the best environment.

Enoki mushroom price is relatively high in the market these days, and quality is not up to the mark. The reasons are many, but the most common is the middle man. The production is owned by others and sold by someone else. We have our production and marketing team. Therefore, our prices are low, and quality is high, and you have a significant margin of profit left if you are a retailer or a whole seller.


 Q.1) what is an Enoki Mushroom?

The scientific, or botanical name of Enoki Mushroom is, Flammulina velutipes. It is also known as velvet shank and is a species of edible mushroom belonging to Physalacriaceae. The Enoki mushroom plant is usually known for its wide role in Japanese cuisine. In the Japanese language, it is also known as enokitake Japanese pronunciation: [Enoki -take)

Enoki Mushroom is rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy amino acids. This is the reason it makes the best addition to a diet. It also contains high antioxidants, & low cholesterol. It has a trifling, delicate flavor which is further accompanied by a slight crunch. The best way to serve or consume Enoki mushroom is, it can be eaten both raw and cooked.

Q.2) How to find the Best Enoki Mushroom Plant?

The Enoki mushrooms plant can be challenging to find since it’s the only mushrooms available in winter. It takes a dark environment for cultivating Enoki mushrooms, which eventually turns it out in white slim fungi

As a mushroom expert, or if you have a keen eye to recognize any fungi stuff, only then you’ll be able to find Enoki mushroom as it’s grown on rotting wood, particularly dead elms in forest settings. Wild Enoki has little earthy colored covers and structure bunches. When searching, it is imperative to do a spore print for each mushroom gathered.

This is because the organisms intently look like the lethal Galerinaautumnalis. Developed Enoki is white and noodle-like.

Q.3) How to Grow Enoki Mushroom?

In short way if you ask the procedure of growing Enoki Mushrooms, then it is normally cultivated on an aged hardwood sawdust medium which comes packed into either plastic or small glass bottles (about 8″ tall). The medium is sanitized to murder destructive microorganisms and afterward vaccinated with the enoki generate. The bring forth run takes from 12-30 days.