Phase 3 Mushroom Compost/Substrate

Spawn: White Button, Portabella

Bio. Name: Agaricus bisporus

Size:  22kgs/ bale

Yield: 32-36 kgs per M2 (96-98 kgs compost/M2)

Loading: 18mt/20RF, 28-29mt/40RF

FOB offer:  USD 0.35/kg


Fungichain have been producing & exporting mushroom spawn, Phase 3 mushroom substrate more than 10 years, with 6 plants/bases located in Shandong, Jiangsu(2), Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong.


  • High R&D, better spawn actitity.
  • Spawn fruit-test in local for each lots
  • Mushroom material QC, better receipt lead high yield
  • Year-around supply ability, scale make price competitive
  • More spawn types could choose and mixed in one container
  • Professional market teams and Technologist help u produce easier
  • Can export from Shangdong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shekou


Currently our main markets: Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Europe.  Choose Fungichain, your foreign mushroom farm will be much easier & happier.

Product Information:

  • Type: White button/Portabella
  • Size: 20-22kg / Bale
  • Yield: 32-36kgs per M2 (96-98kgs/M2)
  • Packing&Loading:

With pallet: 500 bales/20RF, 1188 bales/40RF

Without pallet: 600 bales/20RF, 1320 bales/40RF

  • Storage: -3°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H
  • Prepare Days: at least 45 days before loading date
  • Documents: Invoice, Packinglist, C/O, Phy, Insurance Policy, BL.
  • Brand: Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M
  • Order: One 20RF per shipment.
  • Payment termes:

40% T/T deposit, balance within 3 days upon doc. Copy.

  • Shipping date:

Within 45 days upon received deposit by contract.

  • Fungichain Advantage:

+12Y Professional, +300 GP per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive

Fungichain could supply variety of mushroom spawn for your farm. U could establish cooperation with more type customers. Enjoy one-stop mushroom spawn shopping from Fungichain.

Button Mushroom Compost: Nutrient-Rich for A Healthy Diet

Button mushrooms are counted among one of those mushrooms with a commercial cultivation scope no matter what the location is. An individual can effortlessly maintain the environmental conditions required for the cultivation of button mushroom compost. Both the substrate and supplement materials are widely available for cultivation purposes.
Fungichain ensures delivery in either fresh or freeze-dried form. We pack mushrooms in polythene bags whose density is low so that the retailers can sell these effortlessly in the market. If stored properly, they can last for years and years to come.

How is the button mushroom compost prepared?

You can quickly grow button mushroom compost by absorbing and retaining the moisture. This substrate decomposes selectively. Compost helps in degrading the microbes in organic wastes. This process involves the decomposition of microbes in the organic matter. Microbes’ absorption plays an imperative role in inducing changes in the physical properties and chemical properties of the button mushroom compost.

The quality of button mushroom compost depends on the:

Nature of material

Straw is the primary material in the production of mushrooms. The producers of mushrooms commonly use straw and mule dung. We collected these from the stables. Multiple developed technologies utilize wastes with minimal costs. It allows us to offer the best button mushroom prices to our customers.

Supplements (both organic and inorganic)

There should be a perfect ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow button mushroom price with synthetic compost. Also, there should be an ideal ratio of water, dry matter, and air at the composting time to deliver optimum heating throughout the composting process.

Management of composition at the time of composting:

Altogether there are two required methods of composting:

Long method of composting: It takes one and a half months. Here the compost is made in an open field, on a highly hygienic well clean cement floor. We protect the heaps by covering them from rain and water. Here the straws are chopped into pieces and the stakes at 20 cm each.

Short method of composting: This gets completed in approx. three weeks. Here the mixture or straw is converted into a selective medium, which is ideally suitable for composting.