200gretail Fresh Eryngii Mushroom

  • Size: 7-9cm, 3-4p/tray
  • Packing:200g* 30/box
  • Loading: 4800 kgs/20RF, 12000kgs/40RF
  • Storage: +1°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H, 40-45 days shelf-life
  • Prepare Days: 7-10 days before loading date

Fungichain have been exporting fresh mushroom more than 10 years, have strong relationship with China Mushroom Plants.

Our vendor partners include: Xuerong, Finc, Hualv, Wanchen, Zhongmao, Yuanzishan, Qihe, Minshen, Jiuhe, Rongfeng, Xiangru, LightFood, Jiatian and so on.

We can arrange air-shipment, sea-shipment and railway shipment for customers.

Currently, Fungichain mushroom already sells to more than 46 countries.

Mission: Take value to customers

Target: Make mushroom business happier.


  • + 35 excellent mushroom plants
  • Export port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou
  • Year-around supply ability, large scale make price competitive
  • Professional salers teams, QC teams, Logistics teams, order easy

Target Customers: Mushroom Importer/wholesaler, Supermarket, Food Process Plant, Large Restaurant.

Currently our main markets: South-China, East-China, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Africa, and Europe(UK, Germany, Belgium, Spanish, France).

One-stop shopping for fresh mushroom from Fungichain.

Product Information:

  • Size: 7-9cm, 3-4p/tray
  • Packing:200g* 30/box
  • Loading: 4800 kgs/20RF, 12000kgs/40RF
  • Storage: +1°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H, 40-45 days shelf-life
  • Prepare Days: 7-10 days before loading date
  • Documents: Invoice, Packinglist, C/O, Phy, Insurance Policy, BL.
  • Brand: Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M
  • Order: 1000 kgs for air-shipment, 20RF for sea-shipment.
  • Payment termes: 40% T/T deposit, balance within 3 days upon doc. Copy.
  • Shipping date: Within 15 days upon received deposit by contract.
  • Fungichain Advantage:

+12Y Professional, +420 GP per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive

Fungichain could supply variety of fresh mushroom (Fresh Shiitake, Flower Shiitake, Smooth Cap Shiitake, White Enoki, Yellow Enoki, White Shimeji, Brown Shimeji, Eryngii, Cordyceps sinensis, Morel, White Maitake, Grey Maitake, White Button, Portabella, Qiugai Gu, Monkey Head, Tiger Matsutake, Truffle, Long-foot Mushroom, White Fungi, Black Fungi, Baby Oyster, Golden Oyster) for your. U could establish cooperation with more type customers. Enjoy one-stop mushroom spawn shopping from Fungichain.



What is an Eryngii Mushroom Plant?

The botanical name of Eryngii Mushroom is Pleurotuseryngii. It’s a highly-demanding mushroom known for its incredible consistency of cap/stem, longer shelf life, and culinary qualities. In Bangladesh, where Pleurotus mushrooms are well known, P. Eryngii may take position among the customers, yet at present, this mushroom isn’t developed in huge scope there.

How to Grow an Eryngii Mushroom?

Growing Eryngii mushroom divides into three categories; creating grows area, fruiting mushrooms, and harvesting mushrooms. The beginning part of creating grow area starts with cutting cardboard into 4 x 4 in (1 cup of boiled water, pour it over the cardboard until it gets completely saturated 0 by 10 cm) squares and put them in a bucket, cover, and let it cool for 8 hours.

Crush the cardboard to deplete any overabundance water, and spot 10 mushrooms generate on 1 piece of cardboard. Then, stack the squares on top of each other, setting bring forth on each layer

At that point comes the fruiting mushrooms fragment, where you need to put the cardboard squares and generate into a trash container and close it. Keep the pack in a zone between 50–65 °F (10–18 °C). K.

Open the pack following 2 days to check for pools of water, at that point leave it for 3 a month and a half. Open the plastic pack once you see white strands covering the cardboard. Move the pack to a radiant region when the mycelia are available. Last, shower the inward dividers of the pack with water twice every day.

 How to find Eryngii Mushroom Price?

To get the current and real-time market price of Oyster or Eryngii mushrooms, you need to see the price changes, and trends of mushrooms price in your interested countries, or in mushroom varieties. The domestic price data on search engines, or many online sources are usually wholesale price or farm gate price data collected via local authentic sources. These costs are proposed for essential market sign and benchmarking as it were.