Shiitake Mushroom Spawn

Spawn: Shiitake-808, 0912

Size:  L: 2.0kg/log, M: 1.6kg/log, S: 1.40kg/log

Yield: L: 700-800g/log, M: 600-700g/log, S: 550-650/log

Loading: 18mt/20RF, 28-29mt/40RF

FOB offer:

L Size: USD 1.30/log

M Size: USD 1.10/log

S Size: USD 0.95/log


Fungichain have been producing & exporting mushroom spawn, Phase 3 mushroom substrate more than 10 years, with 6 plants/bases located in Shandong, Jiangsu(2), Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong.


  • High R&D, better spawn actitity.
  • Spawn fruit-test in local for each lots
  • Mushroom material QC, better receipt lead high yield
  • Year-around supply ability, scale make price competitive
  • More spawn types could choose and mixed in one container
  • Professional market teams and Technologist help u produce easier
  • Can export from Shangdong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shekou


Currently our main markets: Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Europe.  Choose Fungichain, your foreign mushroom farm will be much easier & happier.

Product Information:

  • Type: Mid.-temp, fit for 16-24 °C
  • Size: Length 45cm, Dia. 10cm, 1.45kg/weight
  • Yield: 450-500g/2-3 flushs
  • Packing&Loading:

Carton without pallet: 7000 logs/20RF, 14450 logs/40RF

Carton with pallet: 6600 lgs/20RF, 12240 logs/40RF

Net Bag without pallet: 16mt/20RF, 28MT/40RF

Net Bag with pallet: 15mt/20RF, 26MT/40RF

  • Storage: -3°C, vent 20-30% CMB/H
  • Prepare Days: at least 45 days before loading date
  • Documents: Invoice, Packinglist, C/O, Phy, Insurance Policy, BL.
  • Brand: Fungichain, Fungimart, Lovefungi, N/M
  • Order: 2000logs per type, and One 20RF per shipment.
  • Payment termes:

40% T/T deposit, balance within 3 days upon doc. Copy.

  • Shipping date:

Within 45 days upon received deposit by contract.

  • Fungichain Advantage:

+12Y Professional, +300 GP per Year, Delivery on time, Price competitive

Fungichain could supply variety of mushroom spawn for your farm. U could establish cooperation with more type customers. Enjoy one-stop mushroom spawn shopping from Fungichain.

Looking for Best Shiitake Mushrooms at Shiitake Mushroom Price?

Shiitake is one of the nutritious and medicinal mushrooms that produce edible-brown-shaped caps. It’s commonly used in East-Asian cuisine but can be adapted into various styles of cooking. It’s an excellent mushroom for cooking beginners. The colonization takes place quickly and works splendidly for commercial cultivation purposes.

The meaty texture of Shiitake mushroom spawn is suitable for drying and reconstituting in winter soups. It goes well with tamari, ginger and can bring needed umami to a plethora of dishes. Along with acting as an immune system booster, it can also be used as a tonic for promoting liver and kidney health. We grow shiitake mushroom by considering it has high concentrations of eritadenine, which helps alleviate blood cholesterol levels. Since it can absorb vitamin D, shiitake in the sunlight can increase vitamin D levels compared to shiitake that’s dried in the dark.

Grow Shiitake Mushroom in A Controlled Environment

Fungichain stands by the integrity of its products. You can grow shiitake mushroom spawns in containers or outdoor beds with either grains or sawdust generates with our spawns. Our company’s vast distribution network nationally and internationally has helped us establish a great customer base. The remarkable professionals we have in our company serve clients in the best possible way. All the products we offer are available at affordable shiitake mushroom prices. Counted among one of the well-known shiitake mushroom spawn manufacturers, we strive day and night to ensure hygienic and best quality products are offered to customers all over the world. By catering to a multitude of needs and requirements, we maintain optimum consistency in quality.

Why choose us – Shiitake Mushroom Spawn Manufacturers?

Innovative prototypes: We offer innovative prototypes at shiitake mushroom price.

Project Execution scheme: From the initial stage to the end stage, we provide the utmost guidance in innovative processes.

Methods of machine construction: We ensure to pick the construction materials that are adjusted and anticipated according to working machine conditions.

If you further have any questions or queries regarding shiitake mushroom spawn or shiitake mushroom price, please feel free to contact us. We ensure that you’re delighted with our provided spawns.



What is Shiitake Mushroom Spawn?

Alike other mushrooms, Shiitake is also known for producing two spore mating types; the fungal equivalent to sperm, and eggs. The Sawdust Shiitake bring forth is regularly less expensive per log to utilize and may create mushrooms all the more rapidly yet requires an extraordinary immunization device (roughly $30 or more to buy) to embed the produce.


How to find Shiitake Mushroom Price?

The general price of both Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms have been around $10-$12, or pounds in retail, and it normally cost $6 a pound in wholesale price. The varying price also depends on season, demand, and what complexities, or challenges farmers had been through while growing Shiitake mushroom.

On other hand, in a 100 square foot developing region, cultivators are averaging around 2400 gathered pounds each year, with six developing cycles, or around one reap at regular intervals.


How to Grow Shiitake Mushroom?

Shiitake mushroom is the easiest and convenient mushroom to grow at home. The procedure of growing mushroom includes following steps;

Step 1: Vaccinate your shiitake signs in the warm months, in a perfect world spring

Step 2: Order Your Shiitake Mushroom Plugs

Step 3: Cut hardwood tree areas or source just-cut hardwood logs ‘

Step 4: Drill Holes in Your Shiitake Mushroom Logs

Step 5: Supplement Your Shiitake Mushroom Plugs into Logs

Step 6: Liquefy & Apply Wax to Your Shiitake Logs

Step 7: Brood Your Shiitake Logs for 6-12 Months

Step 8: Once Ready, “Start” Your Shiitake Logs

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