We all love mushrooms! From delicious continental dishes to soups, and salads, mushrooms are used in a variety of flavors. From spicy veg to rich meaty flavor, mushrooms are rich in flavor and thus add flavor In cuisines too.

Before cooking fresh mushrooms, the first thing is to look for quality and price.  People often wonder how to get the best fresh mushrooms. Well, the fresh mushrooms price in the market these days is trolling around 110 kg and a maximum of 1200 kg. if you need the current expense of a particular mushroom-like Spawn, the current cost of Spawn mushroom is 50 to $1 per pound of mushroom.

If that conveying 100 pounds of mushrooms $100-50 would be spent on delivering while at the same time netting around $1000 in bargains.

What Makes Mushroom very beneficial for health?

Mushroom is highly beneficial for health as it;

·         Helps Prevent Heart Diseases

Mushrooms are high in potassium and Vitamin C which is good for the cardiovascular system. Potassium helps in controlling blood pressure.

Thus, consuming fresh mushrooms can help with blood pressure, and can help to prevent heart disease in the long run

·         Improves bone health

Mushroom contains a high level of calcium, the most vital nutrient required for the strength and development of bones. The issue of osteoporosis and joint torments can be amended generally by consolidating mushrooms into an eating regimen

·         Prevent Growth of malignancy cells

The presence of cell fortifications and supplement D in mushrooms can prevent the advancement of infection cells by coordinating the cell improvement cycle. The presence of folate helps in DNA mix, which helps in hindering the plan of threatening development cells

·         Helps Lower Blood Glucose

Mushrooms are high in fiber, and as indicated by contemplates, diabetics who devour a high-fiber diet will, in general, have lower blood glucose levels, and thus, their insulin levels are leveled out

List of ingredients Required for Fresh Mushrooms

  • Butter –   ¼ cup
  • Salt & pepper –     for  taste
  • fresh mushrooms – 1 pound


Step 1

Wash mushrooms thoroughly first, the only reason for not washing them is gills absorb water. So you can also clean it with a damp cloth or mushroom brush. Or on the other hand, take the course of numerous expert cooks and wash them in an enormous skillet of cool water into which you have washed a small bunch of flour.

With fast hand-washing development, rub mushrooms delicately against each other, promptly place them in a fabric towel, and dry them rapidly. Trim base of stems. Mushrooms might be arranged entire utilizing the covers and hacking the stems, or they might be meagerly cut.

Step 2

Melt butter in a bigger skillet on medium heat, now add mushrooms and start cooking. Don’t cover it for 8 minutes or until it gets tender, keep on stirring. If you’ve added sliced mushrooms, then cook for 4 minutes or until tender. Then, a pinch of salt and pepper for enhancing taste. Serve quickly!

Step 3

For serving more appealingly, the sautéed mushrooms can be served with French dressing, lemon-butter sauce, oil, and Lemon Sauce.

Step 4

Other Cooking Methods include; deep-fry, bake, and broil.

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